Online therapy is a convenient avenue for clients with tight schedules and other challenges that prevent them from seeking therapy.

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Couples in long distance relationships often find that online therapy breaks down the distance barrier. It can be wonderful and productive to connect with a therapist and work through relationship difficulties, bringing them closer to each other. 

Clients who travel frequently for business find online therapy to be a suitable alternative in allowing continuity and consistency to their self-development work.

Online therapy is also an excellent medium for elderly clients and teenagers, who do not have access to their own transportation. It also serves physically disabled clients, as it provides them with more independence and freedom to be able to seek therapy and take charge of their mental and emotional needs.

Online therapy may also not be suited for all clients depending on the severity of care and treatment needed. An initial phone consultation will help me assess and determine a client’s suitability for online therapy.

Kavitha offers her online therapy services via Skype and Google Hangouts. 
In accordance with California mental health laws, Kavitha can only treat clients who reside in California.


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